Contributions to Proceedings:

A. Mahdavi, O. Icoglu, S. Camara:
"Vision-Based Location Sensing And Self-Updating Information Models For Simulation-Based Building Control Strategie";
in: "BS2007 Proceedings of the 10th International Building Performance Simulation Association Conference and Exhibition", B. Zhao et al. (ed.); Eigenverlag, Beijing, China, 2007, 8 pages.

English abstract:
Dynamic facility state models could effectively
support simulation-based building systems control. In
a simulation-based control strategy, the permutation
space of control options (alternative states of control
devices) at a future time step is proactively explored
using computational simulation. The simulated
implications of alternative control options are then
compared based on users' preferences. From this
comparison, the preferable control actions can be
deduced. To achieve this functionality, however, the
presence of a dynamic and self-updating building
model (with context, room, systems, and occupancy
data) is necessary. In this paper, we described the
conception and implementation of a prototype visionbased
object location sensing and occupancy
detection system to provide the control unit of a
sentient building with a steady flow of up-to-date
building state infomration.

Simulation-based building systems control, location sensing, building information models

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