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Will Alsop, S. Burnham, J. Hulme, L. Peake, B. Sawyers, B. Tyson (ed.):
"Will Alsop's Supercity";
Cornerhouse - Reg Charity No. 514719, London, 2006, ISBN: 0954780124; 80 pages.

English abstract:
Published alongside the futuristic urban exhibition at Urbis, Manchester (January - May 2005) Will Alsop is one of the most celebrated and controversial architects working in the UK today. Here he explores the future of the cities of Englandīs North - the way they look, function and enhance the lives of those who live there. The book concentrates on the different forms this `northern corridorī (80 miles long and 15 miles wide) might take when considered a single entity. This is a definitive guide to Alsopīs unique urban vision, as the book weaves a narrative through the rich visual flair of Alsopīs imagination to tell the story of a near future in which we may come to live.

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