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L. Rinder, P. Kral, S. Pausch:
"Vergleichende Untersuchungen an Rolltreppengetrieben";
Talk: 13.Int.Colloquium Tribology d. Techn. Akademie Esslingen, Techn. Akademie Esslingen; 2002-01-14 - 2002-01-18; in: "13.Int. Colloquium Tribology d. Techn. Akademie Esslingen", 1 (2002).

English abstract:
Three escalator gears, two worm-gears with different worm-geometry and a bevel-spurgear were compared with respect to their efficiency, their temperatures and their wear-rate which, determines lifetime of the worm-gears. The worm-gears are equal in their design but one worm has involute flanks and one worm is of cavex-type. On a test-bench the gears are tested with stationary loads and with a load-collective corresponding to the operating conditions. Synthetic oils and mineral oils were used. Wear of the worm-gears is measured by Atomic Absorption Technique. Specific wear under operating conditions is much higher than specific wear under constant loads. The specific wear of the worm-gear with involute flanks is a little better than that of the cavex-type gear. The efficiency of the cavex-worm gear is better than the efficiency of the involute-worm-gear. The test shows that parameters like roughness of the flanks, temperatures type of lubricant, bearing-losses and splash-losses have a bigger influence on the efficiency, the allowable power and on wear than the geometry of the worm-flanks. An essential difference caused by the geometry between worms with involute flanks and cavex-worm-gears, could not be seen.

German abstract:
Dieser Artikel vergleicht drei Rolltreppengetriebe verschiedener Bauart (zwei Schneckenradgetriebe und ein Kegel-Stirnradgetriebe) in Bezug auf deren Wirkungsgrad, Verschleiß, Gehäuse- und Ölsumpftemperatur und Schallabstrahlung. Der Prüfstand sowie die angewendeten Meßverfahren werden ausführlich erläutert, die Meßergebnisse präsentiert und miteinander verglichen.

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