Publications in Scientific Journals:

M Bayray:
"Investigation of Acoustic Emission Waveforms on a Pressure Vessel";
Journal of Acoustic Emission, 19 (2001), 241 - 257.

English abstract:
In this paper, acoustic emission waveforms due to simulated sources and during pressure test on a pressure vessel will be presented. Lamb wave theory has been utilised to predict the propagation of the extensional mode S0 and the flexural mode A0. Electrical pulse was used as simulated AE source to investigate dispersion of the S0 and A0 modes. Experimentally measured dispersion plot has been found to be in close agreement with that predicted by Lamb theory. Pencil-lead breaks were used to simulate in-plane and out-of. plane type of sources. Window Fourier Transform was applied to analyse the waveforms. Results of simulated tests were employed to investigate AE signals during pressure tests of the vessel. It was found that some in-plane type AE waveforms have been recorded during each pressure test.

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