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W. Wimmer, R. Züst, C. Strasser:
"The Application of the ECODESIGN PILOT and Methodical Suppoprt for the Implementation of ECODESIGN in Products";
Talk: Proceedings of the DESIGN 2002, 7th International Design Conference, Cavtat - Dubrovnik - Croatia; 2002-05-14 - 2002-05-17; in: "7th International Design Conference - DESIGN 2002", (2002), ISBN: 953-6313-46-4; 1357 - 1364.

English abstract:
The question nowadays is how to bring environmental information to engineers in product development in order to support the decision making towards more environmentally conscious products. The paper describes experiences from applications of the ECODESIGN PILOT approach to product case studies. The aim is to identify measures that have the strongest leverage for an ecology-oriented improvement of a product. The first step consists in identifying the phases in product life, that have the greatest environmental impact. Then, ECODESIGN strategies can be identified and appropriate ECODESIGN measures for a concrete product improvement can be selected and adapted for implementation. How this can be done in a straight forward way is shown here.

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