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V. Lo, W. Wimmer:
"Environmentally sound product improvements of consumer products";
Talk: Proceedings of the DESIGN 2002, 7th International Design Conference, Cavtat - Dubrovnik - Croatia; 2002-05-14 - 2002-05-17; in: "Proceedings of the 7th International Design Conference DESIGN 2002", (2002), ISBN: 953-6313-47-9; 1339 - 1344.

English abstract:
In the fast moving and quick changing Digital Economy (DE), all businesses or manufacturing modes have evolved into a very competitive business particularly in the Small Electrical Appliances (SEA´s). For the project described in this study the ECODESIGN PILOT as a product improvement tool to evaluate SEA´s for continuous improvement was used. The whole decision-making process starting from product marketing, design, development, manufacturing, product use and it’s recycling, reuse or disposal after the end of product-life was taken into account. To make sure the product designed is optimized to, and complied with innovation, competitive cost, corporate image, and the knowledge based environmental criteria throughout the product life cycle designers can choose different Eco-design strategies. The aim of this paper is to find out which strategies are appropriate to SEA´s.

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