Contributions to Proceedings:

M Bayray, F. Rauscher:
"Window Fourier Transform and Wavelet Transform in Acoustic Emission Signal Analysis";
in: "EWGAE 2002 25th European Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing, Proceedings Vol. I", P. Mazal (ed.); issued by: Brno University of Technology; Czech Society for Non-destructive Testing, Prag, 2002, ISBN: 80-214-2174-6, 37 - 44.

English abstract:
Identifying the modes of elastic waves due to an Acoustic Emission (AE) source is important in waveform analysis of AE signals. Knowing the different wave modes enhances the capability of recognising and identifying the underlying AE source. In this paper windowed Fourier transform (WFT) and wavelet transform (WT) will be discussed in reference to utilising the transforms in identifying the extensional wave mode S0and flexural wave mode A0. The mathematical background of the methods will be briefly presented and a way of identifying the two wave modes based on Lamb's wave theory will be introduced. The methods are then employed in waveform analysis of AE signals due to simulated sources (PLB) on a vessel. Results of the WFT and WT are then compared.

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