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D. Schuöcker, F. Bammer, R. Bielak, G Schuöcker:
"Virtual Experiments, a Promising Application of Theoretical Modelling";
Talk: 1st Pacific International Conference on Applications of Lasers and Optics, Melbourne/Australia; 2004-04-19 - 2004-04-21; in: "Proceedings PICALO", LIA, (2004), ISBN: 0-912035-76-5.

English abstract:
Virtual experiments are interactive computer programs that allow the user to build up laser sources or processing systems from various single parts offered on the screen by moving them to their appropriate position with the mouse. Further on the user must adjust all parameters of the experimental set up to values of his discretion, where a theoretical model working in the background uses these entries as inputs. The outcomings of the model calculation are then used to visualize the resulting function of the experimental set up on the screen and allow thus the user to judge if his choices for the parameters yield a feasible system and to change the parameters in order to optimise its function.
The latter virtual experiments can be used to study laser sources and applications, to demonstrate them and even to carry out simple investigations within the limits of the underlying models.
Virtual experiments have up to now been developed by an international collaboration including Spain, France, Germany, UK and Austria for CO2, Nd:YAG, Excimer and high power diode lasers, laser cutting and other applications

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