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F. Bammer, B. Holzinger:
"Possibilities of time-multiplexing with diode lasers";
Poster: LANE 2004, Erlangen; 21.09.2004 - 24.09.2004; in: "Laser Assisted Net Shape Engineering 4, Vol 2", Meisenbach-Verlag Bamberg, Volume 2 (2004), ISBN: 3-87525-202-0; S. 1235 - 1242.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A new concept for diode lasers is introduced, suggesting to guide a sequence of high power laser pulses produced by a set of laser diodes onto a common optical path with an optical multiplexer. This achieves a quasi continuous laser beam with an average power in the order of the peak power of one laser diode and with a beam quality of one single laser diode.
We developed now technologies for a first realization with highest efficiency. Simple diode laser drivers allow efficient generation of the necessary high ampere current pulses with high pulse repetition frequencies. Lithium-Niobate-crystals driven with harmonic voltage courses will allow realization of fast and efficient time-multiplexers for 4, 8 and perhaps 16 laser diodes at average powers of up to 40 Watts all with one laser diode beam quality.
This will open up new diode laser applications in the fields of marking, cutting of non-metals and welding/cutting of metals, if by additional usage of conventional multiplexing techniques powers are increased to several 100W. The important coupling into optical fibres will be strongly improved leading to fibre coupled diode lasers with significantly increased powers or decreased fibre diameters.

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