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F. Bammer, B. Holzinger:
"Realization of time-multiplexing for high power diode lasers";
Vortrag: GCL/HPL 2004, Prague; 30.08.2004 - 03.09.2004; in: "XV International Symposium on Gas Flow, Chemical Lasers and High-Power Lasers", Proceedings of SPIE, 5777 (2004), ISBN: 0-8194-5760-4; S. 394 - 397.

Kurzfassung englisch:
We describe methods for time-multiplexing of high power diode lasers. This means that high power laser pulses emitted from a set of laser diodes are guided on a common optical path via an optical multiplexer with the aim to build a high beam quality diode laser. We examined pulsed operation of laser diodes and developed elements for a digital multiplexer suited for this special task. The technology developed until now will allow a device multiplexing 4 laser diodes with a power of 16W and a beam quality of one laser diode. Time-multiplexing of 8 laser diodes for a device with 30W power should be feasible as well.

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