Habilitation Theses:

F. Rauscher:
"Pressure Test and Acoustic Emission Examination";
Technische Universität Wien, 2004.

English abstract:
This work gives an overview on the methods of testing pressure vessels by pressure tests, the defects, which can be detected, and the application of acoustic emission examination. The effects of the increased pressure on the structure with and without defects are described. Special attention is drawn on cracks and crack-like defects.
Basics of acoustic emission examination are outlined, and special focus is given to the mechanisms which enable defect detection.
The case of incompletely penetrated longitudinal welds in thin-walled vessels and the case of relatively long fatigue cracks in non-welded gas cylinders are investigated in detail, based on experimental results.
Finally, the most important properties of pressure testing and acoustic emission examination are summarized, and compared with those of other non-destructive testing methods.

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