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F. Rauscher:
"Defect Detection by Acoustic Emission Examination of Metallic Pressure Vessels";
Talk: 26th European Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing, Berlin, Germany; 2004-09-15 - 2004-09-17; in: "26th European Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing", Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung e.V., Berichtsband 90, Band 1, Band 2 und CD (2004), ISBN: 3-931381-58-7; 83 - 90.

English abstract:
There are only relatively few publication which give hints to the questions, when acoustic emission examination should be applied and which defects can be detected? This paper addresses flaws, cracks, and crack-like defects in pressure vessels made of ductile steel. Mechanisms which enable defect detection are identified, and the characteristics of these mechanisms are described. Based on the identified mechanisms and their characteristics, examples of conditions which lead to good or bad ability of defect detection are given.
This could be the basis for a quantitative grading system for defect detection by acoustic emission examination. Such a scheme could be further developed for the evaluation of probabilities of detection (POD), which are necessary for quantifying the benefit of acoustic emission examinations in reliability analyses and risk based inspections.

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