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J. Stampfl, M.H. Luxner, H. E. Pettermann, A. Woesz, P. Fratzl:
"Rapid Prototyping and Modelling of cellular solids";
Talk: Euromat 2005, Prag; 09-05-2005 - 09-08-2005; in: "Euromat 2005 European Congress on Advanced Materials and Processes", DGM, http://www.dgm.de/past/2005/euromat2005/programme/ (2005), Paper ID C12-614, 1 pages.

English abstract:
Rapid Prototyping (RP) can be used to fabricate cellular solids with defined internal and external geometries. In combination with appropriate finite element modelling techniques, RP allows the examination of mechanical properties of cellular materials. This helps to further improve the understanding of the mechanical response of these materials. Experimental as well as numerical results on the mechanical properties (stiffness, strength, energy absorption) of periodic and non-periodic cellular materials are presented.

In this work three topics related to RP and modelling of cellular solids have been investigated:

* The utilized RP system must fulfill a number of requirements in order to be suitable for the fabrication of cellular solids. The cellular solids investigated in this work exhibit large undercuts and the minimal wall thickness is around 0.2mm. Several RP processes have been screened regarding the suitability to fabricate such parts.

* Since commercially available CAD packages are limited in their capability to design cellular solids with a large number of cells (>500) appropriate software tools have to be developed in order to establish well defined interfaces between design of cellular solids, finite element modelling and RP.
* Various Finite Element modeling results and linear analyses of 3D regular cellular solids (lattice structures) with relative densities ranging from 10% to 20% are presented. Continuum element based models and beam element based models are employed, the latter with and without an adaptation of stiffness in the vicinity of the vertices.

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Project Head Heinz E. Pettermann:
Modellierung und Simulation hochporöser offenzelliger Strukturen - Elasto-Plastizität, Unordnung und Defekte

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