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W. Reichenfelser, M. Gföhler, T. Kakebeeke, P. Lugner, G. Feik:
"Determination of efficient stimulation patterns for FES - cycling";
Talk: EMBEC`05, Prague; 2005-11-20 - 2005-11-25; in: "IFMBE Proc.", (2005).

English abstract:
To determine efficient stimulation patterns for FES-cycling an instrumented tricycle for persons with spinal cord injury was developed. With the help of an integrated force measurement system in the cranks and various automated, PC controlled measurement routines, the relation between the stimulation parameters and the power output of the stimulated muscles can be analysed. Beside its test function the tricycle can also be used as a training device for regular FES-cycling.

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Project Head Johann Wassermann:
FES - Entwicklung eines Trainingsfahrrades für Paraplegiker

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