I.C. Skrna-Jakl, M.A. Stiftinger, F. G. Rammerstorfer:
"Numerical Investigations of an Imperfect Stringer-Stiffened Composite Wing Torsion Box - An Analysis Concept";
Composites - Part B: Engineering, 27 (1996), 1; S. 59 - 69.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Computational investigations of the buckling and postbuckling behaviour of a stringer-stiffened composite wing torsion box employing the finite element method are presented. Perfect and imperfect configurations--considering geometrical imperfections as well as initial stresses--are discussed. The determination of load-deflection curves and first-ply-failure calculations for the skin are performed for two different loadcases. In addition, in a global-local approach, the interlaminar stresses, the risk of delamination and first-ply-failure in the stiffener sections in the prebuckled and the postbuckled ranges are examined. This approach combining non-linear global and linear local investigations represents an analysis concept for stiffened composite structures, which considers the stability behaviour of the structure as well as ply failure and onset of delamination in the skin, the stringers and the skin-stringer transitions.

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