Publications in Scientific Journals:

T.J. Reiter, H. J. Böhm, W. Krach, M. Pleschberger, F. G. Rammerstorfer:
"Some Applications of the Finite Element Method in Biomechanical Stress Analysis";
International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology, 7 (1994), 3-6; 233 - 241.

English abstract:
The Finite Element Method (FEM) has become a widely used tool in biomechanical investigations, especially of the mechanical behaviour of bones and bone-implant systems. The present contribution shows some developments and modelling techniques for the application of the FEM in the assessment of designs of prostheses and implants by computational simulation of their mechanical interaction with bone. Such evaluations must be performed with respect to specific criteria, such as well posed configurations for healing after surgery, avoidance of pain during usage, stability with respect to bone remodelling and functional adaptation, and physiologically admissible stresses.

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