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F. Bammer, R. Bielak, B. Holzinger, A. Kratky, G. Liedl, M. Kaltenbrunner, D. Schuöcker:
"New Developments in Lasers Assisted Forming";
Vortrag: ICONO/LAT Conference 2005, St. Petersburg Russia (eingeladen); 11.05.2005 - 15.05.2005; in: "Icono/Lat 2005", (2005).

Kurzfassung englisch:
If brittle materials as magnesium, titanium or high strength steels are formed, e.g. by deep drawing or bending of sheet metals, the local strain can exceed the ductility - the strain at ruptur - and thus cracks appear that eventually lead to rupture. Heating to a temperatureof few hundred centigrades increases the ductility significantly. During forming as mentioned bevore the deformation usually takes place in a narrow zone around the bending edge an thus selective heating for instance with a laser would be sufficient to avoid cracks. The latter concept of laser assisted forming has been successfully demonstrated for bending and deep drawing and was the starting point for the the development of similar processes at the authors department, as laser assisted wire drawing and laser assisted inline profiling. The bulk of the actual work is devoted to theoretical an experimental work on these processes.

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