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C. Turecek, M. Schuster, F. Varga, R. Liska, B. Kaiser, J. Stampfl, K. Klaushofer:
"Evaluation and influence of photopolymers, capable for rapid prototyping, on the adhesion, proliferation and differentiation of osteoblasts";
Poster: 33rd European Symposium on Calcified Tissues, Prag; 05-10-2006 - 05-14-2006.

German abstract:
For bone tissue repair and substitution autografts are the golden standard, because they fulfill the most important characteristics of bone replacement materials for example they support the attachment, growth, and differentiation of osteogenic cells. Disadvantages of autografts are additional expense and trauma to the patient, possibility of donor site morbidity and limited availability. Therefore, there is a critical need to develop new bone substitute materials approximating the properties of bone tissue. For this purpose photopolymerizable resins were designed. Rapid prototyping enables to fabricate scaffolds in nearly any shape and structure.

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