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J. Homa, J. Stampfl:
"Fabrication of Cellular Ceramic Structures by Gelcasting and Rapid Prototyping";
Poster: Junior Scientist Conference 2006, Wien; 04-19-2006 - 04-21-2006; in: "Junior Scientist Conference 2006. Proceedings", (2006), ISBN: 3-902463-05-8; 129 - 130.

English abstract:
The fabrication of cellular ceramic structures by conventional ceramic forming techniques is either impossible or very expensive.
In this work an approach for the fabrication of highly complex ceramic structures by rapid prototyping is presented. By using Solidscape`s T612 Benchtop a sacrificial mould is produced for casting. A ceramic slurry is poured into the mould and polymerised in situ by forming a gel. Only by the combination of gelcasting and rapid prototyping highly complex structures such as certain diesel particulate filters can be produced.

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