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M.H. Luxner, J. Stampfl, A. Woesz, P. Fratzl, H. E. Pettermann:
"Influence of Structural Disorder on the Performance of 3D Open Cell Structures";
in: "Proceedings of the III European Conference on Computational Solids and Structural Mechanics", issued by: ECCOMAS; Associção Portuguesa de Mecânica Teórica, Aplicada e Computacional, Lisboa, 2006, Paper ID 1752, 15 pages.

English abstract:
Regular and disordered highly porous open cell structures with a relative density of 12.5% are investigated by the Finite Element Method. The three-dimensional models are based on beam elements and account for the material distribution and the constrained deformation in the vertices.
Six generic cell structures with regular arrangements of struts (Simple Cubic, Body Centered Cubic, Reinforced Body Centered Cubic, Gibson Ashby, Kelvin, and Weaire Phelan) are modeled by a unit cell approach for predicting the entire tensors of elasticity. Out of the six, the structure with the highest elastic anisotropy, i.e. the Simple Cubic structure, is selected for further nonlinear studies.
Cuboidal and cylindrical samples consisting of a given number of base cells with different cell orientations are generated. Disordered modifications thereof are created by randomly shifting the position of the vertices within a spherical domain. The nonlinear overall mechanical behavior is predicted for uniaxial compression in different directions under consideration of an elastic-plastic strut material and large deformations. Localization of deformation is considered and a comparison between cuboidal and cylindrical sample shapes is presented.

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Modellierung und Simulation hochporöser offenzelliger Strukturen - Elasto-Plastizität, Unordnung und Defekte

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