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R. Pamminger, M. Huber, W. Wimmer:
"The Use of the Electric and Electronic Equipment-PILOT in the ECODESIGN Toolbox for the Development of Green Product Concepts";
Talk: Ecology in Electronics, 4th Science & Technology Conference, Warsaw, Warschau (invited); 2006-06-05 - 2006-06-06; in: "PRACE - Przemyslawego Instytutu Elektroniki", (2006), ISSN: 0509-7053; 11 - 19.

English abstract:
In order to enable enterprises to fulfill the two directives WEEE and RoHS, a practical tool has been created- the Electric and Electronic Equipment-PILOT (EEE-PILOT). In which first information over the frameworks of the directives are mentioned and target groups, validity and deadlines for reports are given. The EEE-PILOT is a software tool, which helps product developers finding suitable strategies and measures in order to improve a product in such a way that they fulfill the requirements of the WEEE and the RoHS directive. The EEE-PILOT is a tool within the framework of the ECODESIGN Toolbox for the development of Green Product Concepts.

Ecodesign, nachhaltigkeit, Produktentwicklung

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