F. Bammer, B. Holzinger, T. Schumi:
"Time multiplexing of high power laser diodes with single crystal photo-elastic modulators";
Optics Express, 14 (2006), 8; 9 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Time-multiplexing is a method to increase the brilliance of diode
lasers, i.e. a sequence of laser pulses emitted from different laser diodes at different times is guided onto a common optical path via a cascade of polarizing cube beam splitters and polarization switches. The latter are made of piezo-electric crystals oscillating in resonance and making use of the photo-elastic effect to obtain the desired modulation of polarization. We realized a demonstrator for time multiplexing of four laser diodes with such self-excited photo-elastic modulators. The latter is a new alternative to conventional photo-elastic modulators used in ellipsometers.

Diode lasers; Laser beam shaping; Modulators;

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