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M Seyr, S. Jakubek:
"Proprioceptive Navigation, Slip Estimation and Slip Control for Autonomous Wheeled Mobile Robots";
Vortrag: 2nd IEEE International Conference on Robotics, Automation & Mechatronics, Bangkok, Thailand; 07.06.2006 - 09.06.2006; in: "2nd IEEE International Conference on Robotics, Automation & Mechatronics", IEEE, (2006), ISBN: 1-4244-0025-2; Paper-Nr. P0251, 6 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
For a two-wheeled differentially driven mobile
robot a navigation and slip control algorithm is developed. The
presented concept for purely proprioceptive navigation combines
state estimation via extended Kalman filter from inertial
sensor data (i.e. gyro and acceleration sensors) and odometric
measurements (i.e. wheel angular encoders). The advantages
of both types of sensors are exploited by selective mixing.
Tangential slip detection and side-slip angle measurement enable
slip control by transiently overriding a pre-planned trajectory.
Experimental results demonstrating the performance of the
proposed system are presented.

mobile robot navigation, sensor fusion, slip detection, side-slip angle estimation

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