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M.H. Luxner, J. Stampfl, H. E. Pettermann:
"Numerical simulations of 3D open cell structures - Influence of structural irregularities on elasto-plasticity and deformation localization";
International Journal of Solids and Structures, 44 (2007), 2990 - 3003.

English abstract:
The mechanical properties of open cell structures made from an elastic-plastic bulk material are investigated by Finite
Element simulations. The influence of structural irregularities on elasto-plasticity and deformation localization of open cell
structures is analyzed. Six regular three-dimensional generic structures with a relative density of 12.5% are modeled by a
unit cell approach for predicting the entire tensors of elasticity. From these six structures the two structures with the lowest
and the highest elastic anisotropy are selected for further studies, introducing various degrees of structural irregularities.
The effect of these irregularities on the linear and nonlinear behavior as well as the influence on the deformation localization
is studied employing finite sample models. Results are presented by means of the direction dependent Young´s moduli,
deformation plots, overall stress-strain curves, and histograms of the energy distribution.

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Project Head Heinz E. Pettermann:
Modellierung und Simulation der mechanischen Eigenschaften offenzelliger biomimetischer Strukturen

Project Head Jürgen Stampfl:
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