Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

D. Gerhard:
"Using a Product Data Management System as Basis for Multi-disciplinary Education in Engineering Design";
Talk: ConnectED 2007 International Conference on Design Education, Sydney, Australien; 2007-07-09 - 2007-07-12; in: "Proceedings of ConnectED 2007 International Conference on Design Education", (2007), Paper ID 231, 4 pages.

English abstract:
Today's students get a good education in engineering methods such as CAD or FE based analysis and simulation tools. All these methods are required to meet industry needs and expectations on future engineers. Still, multi-disciplinary education requires even more. Teams, developing today´s "mechatronic" products, typically consist of members with electrical or software engineering background as well as mechanical engineers. Future engineers have to solve problems within collaborative work environments where each member has a certain role, has to deal with information and results of other members and has to share information like CAD models or simulation results. Furthermore, design work within a company reuses knowledge of formerly conducted projects, is guided by internal processes and workflows, and limited to regulations, required standards as well as time and cost constraints. How can we consider the world outside described by the stated observations properly and overcome the fact that engineering design education is still too much bounded by the narrowing views of different university departments?


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