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W. Sihn, A. Rosteck, K. Schmitz:
"Method for Selecting Services in Automotive Supplier Parks";
Vortrag: 40th CIRP - International Seminar on Manufacturing Systems, Liverpool (eingeladen); 30.05.2007 - 01.06.2007.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Multi Customer Supplier Parks (MCSP+) are a new service model paradigm for reducing logistic costs, utilising economies of scale and service improvements within the automotive industry. A MCSP+ includes the provision of buildings, infrastructure, as well as business services, within a clearly defined geographic area. The suppliers inside the park deliver parts not only to one OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), such as the traditional supplier park, but to many customers and first Tier suppliers in order to improve the economies of scale. For designing the service model, the operator needs a systematic approach to select the most useful park services. We have developed a method for selecting services in an MCSP+.

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