Contributions to Proceedings:

Z. Ahmed, D. Gerhard:
"Designing a Dynamic Components and Agent based Approach for Semantic Information Retrieval";
in: "6th CIIT Workshop on Research in Computing (CWRC Fall 2007) COMSATS Institute of Information Technology", COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad PAKISTAN, 2007.

English abstract:
In this paper based on agent and semantic web technologies we propose an approach .i.e., Semantic Oriented Agent Based Search (SOAS), to cope with currently existing challenges of Meta data extraction, modeling and information retrieval over the web. SOAS is designed by
keeping four major requirements .i.e., Automatic user request handling, Dynamic unstructured full text reading, Analysing and modeling, Semantic query generation and optimized result classifier. The architecture of SOAS is consisting of an agent called Personal Agent (PA) and five dynamic components .i.e., Request Processing Unit (RPU), Agent Locator (AL), Agent Communicator (AC), List Builder (LB) and Result Generator (RG). Furthermore, in this paper we briefly discuss Semantic Web and some already existing in time proposed and implemented semantic based approaches.

Dynamic Components, Information Extraction, Personal Agent, Semantic Web

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