Contributions to Proceedings:

Z. Ahmed, D. Gerhard:
"How does Ontology Contribute in Semantic Web Development ?";
in: "6th CIIT Workshop on Research in Computing (CWRC Fall 2007) COMSATS Institute of Information Technology", COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad PAKISTAN, 2007.

English abstract:
This paper investigates and briefly describes the major currently existing problems with World Wide Web .i.e., Information filtration and Security became the main reasons of semantic web´s invention. The semantic web claims of providing the semantic based solutions towards
current web problems. Semantic web have introduced and relies on a main building block "Ontology" to provide the information in machine processable semantic models and produce semantically modelled knowledge representation systems. This paper also describes the role,
4 construction process and the contributions of ontology in providing some in time proposed and implemented solutions. Furthermore paper concludes with the currently existing limitations in Ontology and the areas which need improvements.

Ontology, Semantic Web

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