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F. Bammer, B. Holzinger:
"A new compact high brilliance diode laser type";
Vortrag: 2nd International Conference on Advanced Optoelectronics and Lasers, Yalta, Krim, Ukraine; 12.09.2005 - 17.09.2005; in: "Second International Conference on Advanced Optoelectronics and Lasers", I.A. Sukhoivanov, V.A. Svich, Y.S. Shmaliy (Hrg.); Proceedings of SPIE, 7009 (2008).

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Eine neue Art eines Hochleistungsdiodenlasers wurde mittels Zeitmultiplexing realisiert

Kurzfassung englisch:
Our work deals with a new approach to improve the beam quality of diode lasers, which is still insufficient for many applications. We propose time-multiplexing, where several pulsed laser diode beams are guided onto a common optical path. This allows to superpose the power of the diodes while maintaining the beam parameter product of a single laser diode. Pulsed operation of continuous wave laser diodes was shown to be possible up to pulse enhancement factors of ten provided that pulse duration is <300 ns. We use a fast digital optical multiplexer built up by a cascade of binary optical switches. For the latter we use a polarisation switch (voltage-driven LiNbO3-crystal) followed by a polarisation filter, which allows addressing of two optical paths. Instead of direct on/off-switching we drive the crystals with a harmonic voltage course to avoid ringing caused by piezo-electricity. Up to now an optical power of 10.5 W was generated, 13 W are expected with some improvements. With the use of new 8W laser diodes even the generation of 25 W will be possible.

diode laser, high brilliance, pulsed laser diodes, time-multiplexing, electro-optic modulator

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