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G. Requena, H.P. Degischer, E. Marks, E. Boller:
"Microtomographic study of the evolution of microstructure during creep of an AlSi12CuMgNi alloy reinforced with Al2O3 short fibres";
Materials Science and Engineering A, 487 (2008), Issue 1-2; 99 - 107.

English abstract:
The evolution of the microstructure during creep of an AlSi12CuMgNi alloy with 15 vol% of Al2O3 short fibres is investigated by means of synchrotron microtomography. The results reveal a change of the morphology of the hybrid reinforcement composed by the eutectic-Si, the short fibres and the intermetallic particles. This change takes place due to the diffusion induced coarsening of Si and a coarsening of the intermetallic particles. The interconnectivity of the hybrid reinforcement increases during long-term creep exposure reaching a degree of almost full interconnectivity after 6400 h of creep. The analysis of creep damage during secondary creep stage shows an increase of void volume fraction by a factor 2, while the number of voids per volume remains practically constant (void sizes larger than 8 voxels were analysed). An analysis of the voids´ location indicates that pores generated during processing of the composite grow, but no new pores are produced during the primary and secondary creep stages.

Short-fibre composites; Creep; Microtomography; Hybrid reinforcement; Damage mechanisms

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