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R. Pamminger, M. Huber, W. Wimmer:
"ECODESIGN Toolbox for the Development of Green Product Concepts - Case study digital voice recorder";
Poster: 16th International Conference on Engineering Design, Paris (invited); 2007-08-28 - 2007-08-30; in: "Design for Society Knowledge, innovation and sustainability", (2007), ISBN: 1-904670-01-6; Paper ID 437, 10 pages.

English abstract:
The paper describes a recently finished research project called "ECODESIGN Toolbox for Green Product Concepts" in short "ECODESIGN Toolbox". This project aimed at developing a systematic approach for sustainable product design as well as innovative product concepts in cooperation with partners from the industry e. g. Philips Dictation Systems Austria. The approach developed in the project as well as preliminary results gained so far will be demonstrated on a digital voice recorder, which was launched on the market in March 2007.

Ecodesign tools, implementing Ecodesign, product improvement, sustainable product design

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