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P. Kuhlang, W. Sihn:
"The QuickScan - A new approach to TQM-assessment";
Vortrag: Fourth International Working Conference, Belgrad (eingeladen); 27.05.2007 - 30.05.2007; in: "Total Quality Management - advanced and intelligent approaches", (2007), S. 49 - 53.

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Independent from branch of business, size, structure or maturity organisations need a management system to be successful. A lot of leaders of SME search for a suitable organisational concept for their business. The EFQM Excellence Model including RADAR seems for many leaders too complex. To deliver the thoughts of the model and RADAR to the responsible managers an efficient method was developed - called QuickScan. Starting by analysing the stakeholders and their expectations the QuickScan discovers the results used to assess the accomplishment of stakeholders´ expectations. The next QuickScan-step is to find out which activities, approaches or methods are deployed in the organisation, to manage processes, partnerships, finances, technologies, material, information and knowledge and employees. After answering the questions "Which are the strategic goals of your organisation? Which are your key processes and indicators for deployment of policy and strategy?" the needs for action in the areas of improvement are priorised.

Total Quality Management (TQM), EFQM Excellence Model, Assessment for SME, QuickScan

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