L. Deguillaume, M. Leriche, P. Amato, P. Ariya, A. Delort, U. Pöschl, N. Chaumerliac, H. Bauer, A. Flossmann, C. Morris:
"Microbiology and atmospheric processes: chemical interactions of primary biological aerosols";
Biogeosciences, 5 (2008), 12 S.

Kurzfassung deutsch:
Diskussion über den Einfluss von primären biologischen Partikeln (PBA) auf die Atmosphärenchemie und umgekehrt, durch mikrobiologische und chemische Eigenschaften und Prozesse

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper discusses the influence of primary biological
aerosols (PBA) on atmospheric chemistry and vice
versa through microbiological and chemical properties and
processes. Several studies have shown that PBA represent
a significant fraction of air particulate matter and hence affect
the microstructure and water uptake of aerosol particles.
Moreover, airborne micro-organisms, namely fungal spores
and bacteria, can transform chemical constituents of the atmosphere
by metabolic activity. Recent studies have emphasized
the viability of bacteria and metabolic degradation of
organic substances in cloud water. On the other hand, the
viability and metabolic activity of airborne micro-organisms
depend strongly on physical and chemical atmospheric parameters
such as temperature, pressure, radiation, pH value
and nutrient concentrations. In spite of recent advances,
however, our knowledge of the microbiological and chemical
interactions of PBA in the atmosphere is rather limited.
Further targeted investigations combining laboratory experiments,
field measurements, and modelling studies will be
required to characterize the chemical feedbacks, microbiological
activities at the air/snow/water interface supplied to
the atmosphere.

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