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"Business documents in a service oriented context";
Poster: Tenth International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC08), Innsbruck; 19.08.2008 - 22.08.2008.

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In a SOA based inter-organizational business process different business documents are exchanged in an agreed order between business partners. Although several standards for the definition of a process choreography exist nowadays, the precise and unambiguous definition of the exchanged business documents is still an open research task. However, if the business partners do not commonly agree on a business document format, interoperability is unlikely to be achieved. A solution can be provided by defining a UML profile, integrating concepts from UN/CEFACT's Core Components standard and industry specific requirements and best practices. The UML profile allows to define business document models on a conceptual level. These conceptual level models can be used to exchange business document information between software developers and more important to automatically derive logical level models e.g. XML schema. These logical level artifacts can be automatically deployed in IT systems of a service oriented architecture.

business document modeling, UML profile, domain specific modeling, artifact generation, deployment artifacts, XML, XML schema, business document standards

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