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A. Mahdavi, E. Kabir, A. Mohammadi, C. Pröglhöf:
"User-based window operation in an office building";
Talk: Indoor Air 2008 - The 11th International Conference on indoor Air Quality and Climate, Copenhagen; 2008-08-17 - 2008-08-22; in: "Indoor Air 2008", B. Olesen, P. Strom-Tejsen, P. Wargocki (ed.); (2008), Paper ID 177, 8 pages.

English abstract:
Patterns of user-based operation of natural ventilation devices (specifically windows) are not
fully understood. Well-documented observational studies of window operation by building
occupants can contribute toward improving the state of knowledge in this area. In this context,
the present paper includes the results of a long-term observational study of users' ventilation
behavior in an office building in Austria. Thereby, the state of occupancy, natural ventilation
actions, and indoor environmental parameters were monitored in four double-occupancy and
two single-occupancy offices over a period of 8 months along with outdoor environmental
parameters. Collected data was analyzed to explore potential relationships between control
actions and environmental conditions inside and outside buildings.

Indoor environment, Natural ventilation, Operable windows

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