M. Zawisky, F. Hameed, E. Dyrnjaja, J. Springer:
"Digitized neutron imaging with high spatial resolution at a low power research reactor: I. Analysis of detector performance";
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 587 (2008), S. 342 - 349.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Imaging techniques provide an indispensable tool for investigation of materials. Neutrons, due to their specific properties, offer a unique probe for many aspects of condensed matter. Neutron imaging techniques present a challenging experimental task, especially at a low power research reactor. The Atomic Institute with a 150kW TRIGA MARK II reactor looks back at a long tradiation in neutron imaging. Here we report on the advantages gained in a recent upgrade of the imaging instrument including the acquisition of a thin-plate scintillation detector, a single counting micro-channel plate detector, and a imaging plate detector in combination with a high resolution scanner. We analyze the strenghts and limitations of each detector in the field of neutron radiography and tomography, and demonstrate that high resolution digitized imaging down to the 50 μm scale can be accomplished with weak beam intensities of 1.3x105n/cm2s, if appropriate measures are taken for the inevitable extension of measurement times. In a separate papter we will present some promising first results from the fields of engineering and geology.

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