E. Jericha, R. Szeywerth, H. Leeb, G. Badurek:
"Perfect crystal neutron interferometry and tensorial neutron tomography";
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 586 (2008), S. 119 - 123.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Perfect crystal neutron interferometry may be applied in the tomographic study of magnetic structures in ferromagnetic solids. As a result of such investigations one can expect a complete 3D representation of the magnetisatin distribution inside the sample. While the concept is comparable to absorption and phase contrast tomography, the tensorial technique involves 3D polarisation control and specific reconstruction algorithms due to path-ordering effects contained in the measured projections. We present the current status of related methodical development and outline the experimental and technical requirements essential for the application of this method. A 2D reconstruction example is given for a standardised simulated test sample using a reconstruction algorithm based on elimination of path-ordering effects by measurements at different neutron velocities.

Neutron depolarisation; Interferometry; Tompgraphy; Magnetic order

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