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A. Mahdavi, C. Pröglhöf:
"User-System interaction models in the context of building automation";
Talk: ECPPM 2008 - eWork and eBusiness in architecture, Engineering and Construction, Sophia Antipolis, Frankreich; 2008-09-10 - 2008-09-12; in: "ECPPM 2008 eWork and EBusiness in Architecture, Engineering and Construction", A.S. Zarli, R. Scherer (ed.); (2008), ISBN: 978-0-415-48245-5; 389 - 396.

English abstract:
this paper desribes an effort to monitor, document, and analyze control-oriented occupant behavior in a high-tech high-rise office building in Vienna, Austria. Thereby, over a period of 14 month, 26 open plan office zones were observed in 5 floors, covering altogether 89 building users. We explored potential patterns in collected data, especially in view of the dependencies of the observed user control actions both on indoor environmental conditions and outdoor environment parameter. Such patterns could facilitate the derivation of predictive user control behavior models that could be incorporated in the the software applications for building simulation and automation.

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