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A. Mahdavi, K. Orehounig:
"A Simulation-Assisted Control Method for Natural Venitlation";
Talk: BauSIM 2008 "Nachhaltiges Bauen", Kassel; 2008-09-08 - 2008-09-10; in: "BauSIM 2008 "Nachhaltiges Bauen" Tagungsband", A. Maas (ed.); IBPSA, (2008), 83 - 85.

English abstract:
In a simulation-assisted building systems control
approach, control decisions are made in that
presently available (conceivable) control options are
virtually projected onto a future time step.
Subsequently, the respective consequences (values of
pertinent performance indicators) are predicted,
compared, and ranked. The present paper explores
the potential of this approach in the realm of natural

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