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M. Villa, M. Bichler, F. Hameed, E. Jericha, G. Steinhauser, J.H. Sterba, H. Böck:
"Neutrons for research and training";
Talk: 4th World TRIGA Users Conference, Lyon; 2008-09-07 - 2008-09-10.

English abstract:
The 250 kW TRIGA Mark-II reactor operates since March 1962 at the Atomic Institute in Vienna Austria. Its main tasks are nuclear education and training in the fields of neutron- and solid state physics, nuclear technology, reactor safety, radiochemistry, radiation protection and dosimetry, and low temperature physics and fusion research. Academic research is carried out by students in the above mentioned fields co-ordinated and supervised by about 80 staff members with the aim of a master- or PhD degree in one of the above mentioned areas. During the past 15 years about 600 students graduated trough the Atomic Institute.

The paper focuses on the results in neutron- and solid state physics and the co-operation between the low power TRIGA reactor with high flux neutron sources in Europe.

The use of the TRIGA reactor at the Atomic Institute in Vienna as an irradiation facility in neutron activation analysis has a remarkable history. Present research work includes the recent determination of the precise half-life of 182Hf and the participation in an archaeological long-term research programme.

The TRIGA reactor operated by the Atomic Institute is now the only nuclear facility in Austria. Although Austria follows a dedicated anti-nuclear policy, the Atomic Institute enjoys a relatively undisturbed nuclear freedom in its nuclear activities. this allows us to use the research reactor not only for academic training but also for international training courses especially in nuclear technology. The presentation will outline typical training programmemes and summarizes the experience with international training courses.

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