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A. Adalan, M. Fischer, A.L. Scholtz, C. Mecklenbräuker:
"A Design Method for Ultra-Wideband Radio Pulse Shaping Filter Ensuring IEEE 802.15.4a Compliance";
Talk: 6th COST2100 Management Committee Meeting, Lille, France; 10-06-2008 - 10-08-2008; in: "6th COST2100 Management Committee Meeting", Lille, France (2008), Paper ID TD(08)613, 5 pages.

English abstract:
In this contribution we design and analyze pulse shaping filters for use in IEEE 802.15.4a transmitters. They are developed and evaluated for channels 1-4 in the low band.
We analyze the minimum requirements for IEEE 802.15.4a standard compliance and design passive filters which shape a given input pulse stream at baseband. Afterwards, we simulate these filters by using S-parameter models of available components and optimize the resulting designs for standard compliance with an iterative method. Finally, we compare the simulations with measurement results.

UWB, IEEE 802.15.4a, pulse shaping, filter design, non-ideal components

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