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R. Bergmann, M. Hajek, M. Fugger, N. Vana:
"Comperative study of infrared-stimulated luminescent and thermoluminescent dating of archaeological artefacts";
Radiation Measurements, 43 (2008), 2-6; 781 - 785.

English abstract:
In this study, thermoluminescence (TL) dating of archaeological artefacts from Geboltskirchen (Upper Austria) and Haselbach (Lower Austria) has been carried out. To receive a comparison with TL dating, all samples have been investigated additionally by means of infrared-stimulated luminescence (IRSL) analysis. The samples were prepared according to the common fine-grain technique. All important dating parameters such as potassium concentration, thorium/uranium ratio, moisture content, etc. were determined. A methodology for IRSL was developed, describing all steps of the procedure from sample preparation to measurement for any kind of ceramic artefacts. Dating results from TL and IRSL investigations of ancient pottery from Geboltskirchen and Haselbach will be discussed.

Thermoluminescence; Infrared-stimulated luminescence; Dating

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