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M. Rudy, R. Hauck:
"Spatial Cognition Support for Exploring the Design Mechanics of Building Structures";
Journal of Interactive Learning Research (invited), 19 (2008), 3; 509 - 530.

English abstract:
A web-based tool for visualizing the simulated structural behavior of building models was developed to support the teaching of structural design to architecture and engineering students by activating their spatial cognition capabilities. The main didactic issues involved establishing a consistent and complete three-dimensional vocabulary throughout a base collection of structural system diagrams that is as related to familiar 2D conventions and as intuitively "legible" for architecture students as possible. To this end, the visualization techniques used in a number of structural simulation programs for engineers were assessed according to didactic criteria in the context of the architecture curriculum at two levels: semantic initial assessment for preliminary user-interface design and explorative learning effectiveness based on prototype implementations. The results suggest generalized criteria for modeling multidimensional constructivist learning resources aimed at higher education in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) domain.

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