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M. Hajek, T. Berger, R. Bergmann, N. Vana, Y. Uchihori, N. Yasuda, H. Kitamura:
"LET dependence of thermoluminescent efficiency and peak height ratio of CaF2:Tm";
Radiation Measurements, 43 (2008), 2-6; 1135 - 1139.

English abstract:
First-order thermoluminescence (TL) kinetics computerized glow curve deconvolution (CGCD) and manual analysis of the composite peak structures have been applied to study the behaviour of glow peaks 3 and 5 in CaF2:Tm (TLD-300, Harshaw-Thermo Fisher Scientific) single crystals after heavy charged particole (HCP) irradiation with respect to 60Co gamma rays for a linear energy transfer (LET) interval from 2.3 to 339.4keV μm-1. The ratio of peak 5 to peak 3 heights can be used to evaluate effective LET and correct measured doses for TL efficiency. The applicability of this idea to dose equivalent estimation in exotic radiation fields of complex composition is discussed critically.

Thermoluminescence; Efficiency; Calcium fluoride

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