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K. Fujii, M. Mosconi, G. Badurek, E. Jericha, H. Leeb, H. Oberhummer, M. Pigni, -. nTOF Collaboration:
"Capture cross section measurements of 186,187,188Os at n_TOF: the resolved resonance region";
in: "Proceedings of the International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology", EDP Sciences, Nice, France, 2008, ISBN: 978-2-7598-0090-2, S. 599 - 602.

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The neutron capture cross sections of 186,187,188Os have been measured at the CERN neutron time-of-flight facility , n_TOF, in the neutron energy range from 1 eV up to 1 MeV. In this contribution, we report the results of the analysis of the resolved resonance region (RRR). Resonance parameters have been extracted from a full R-matrix fit of the capture yields with the SAMMY code. A statistical analysis has been performed and the related average resonance paramters are derived. This information is crucial for a complete understanding and modeling in terms of the Hauser-Feshbach statistical model of the capture and inelastic reaction channels, required for the evaluation of the stellar reaction rates of these isotopes. Maxwellian average cross section for the range of temperatures relevant for s-process nucleosynthesis have been derived from the combined information of the experimental data in the resolved and unresolved resonance regions. A brief account of the implications of this analysis in the estimation of the s-process component of the 187Os abundance and the related impact on the estimates of the time-duration of the galactic nucleosyntehsis throug the Re/Os clock is given.

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