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N.i. Kurov, V. Marchenkov, V.G. Pushin, A.V. Korolev, L.N. Buinova, H. W. Weber:
"Low-temperature properties of ordered Cu3Pd-based alloys";
Izvestija (Bulletin) Russian Academy of Sciences - Physical Series, 72 (2008), 8; 1231 - 1234.

English abstract:
The effect of atomic disordering and alloying with d elements (Fe, Pd, Cu) on the transport and magnetic properties of Cu3Pd alloys has been investigated at low temperatures (T<80K) in strong magnetic fields (H≤8MA/m). The specific features of the crystal structure and temperature and field dependences of the electrical resistance, magnetoresistance, Hall effect, and magnetic susceptibility of Cu72Pd28, Cu75Pd25, Cu80Pd20 and Cu74.5Pd24.5Fe1 alloys are discussed.

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