Publications in Scientific Journals:

K. Ait-Mansour, A. Buchsbaum, P. Ruffieux, M. Schmid, P. Gröning, P. Varga, R. Fasel, O. Gröning:
"Fabrication of a well-ordered nanohole array stable at room temperature";
Nano Letters, 8 (2008), 7; 2035 - 2040.

English abstract:
We report on the fabrication of a new type of nanotemplate surface consisting of a hexagonally well-ordered array of one monolayer deep holes with a tunable size of about 4 nm2 and a fixed spacing of 7 nm. The nanohole array fabrication is based on the strain-relief trigonal network formed in the 2 monolayer Ag on Pt(111) system. Removing about 0.1 ML of the Ag top layer of this surface structure, for example, by Ar- or He-ion sputtering, leads to the formation of nanoholes at specific domains of the trigonal network, which are stable at room temperature.

Corresponding author: K. Aït-Mansour, O. Gröning. Reprints also available from M. Schmid

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