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T. Maly, P. Steckler, P. Borejko:
"New Approaches in Estimation of an Effect-Equivalent Flat Spot Definition";
Talk: Zelkon 08, Nis, Serbien; 2008-10-09 - 2008-10-10; in: "Proceedings", (2008), ISBN: 978-86-80587-78-3; 45 - 48.

English abstract:
Flat spots and other imperfections in wheel roundness stress the railway superstructure and can cause expensive damages. Moreover, in critical situations, where several disadvantageous conditions of railway vehicles and/or infrastructure arise at the same time, flat spots may result in heavy accidents. Thus the early recognition of flat spots is an important task. In the past sensor systems have been developed, which use different algorithms to estimate size and shape of the flat spots as well as they use different types of specification. But most of them seem not be suitable to evaluate the consequences caused by the flat spots' impacts. Thus, this work presents a new approach: a simple and uniform definition of an effect-equivalent flat spot for all imperfections of wheel geometry.

flat spot, superstructure damage, effect-equivalent definition

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