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F. Hameed, A. Rohatsch, J. Weber, B. Zamani, M. Zawisky:
"Investigation of Calcareous Arenites from St. Stephan´s Cathedral, Vienna";
in: "Neutron Radiography: Proceedings of the Eighth World Conference", C.Spangler, DEStech Publications, Lancaster, 2008, S. 251 - 263.

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St. Stephan´s Cathedral, one of the most important high and late Gothic builidngs in Central Europe, is a landmark of Vienna. The restoration of its facade, composed of different calcareous arenites, is a continuous challenge due to erosion, air pollution and decomposition over the passage of time. An expensive and disputed technique is the extensive use of stone consolidants and impregnation agents to make the surface more corrosion resistant. For an assessment of the sustainability of the applied restoration procedures, several stones have been drilled from weather-exposed locations of the facade. Neutron radiography and tomography investigations, assisted by other inspection methods, have been performed to analyze the penetration depth and dispersion of the restoration agents. The neutron method has been confirmed to be very useful for a fast assessment of the effectiveness and sustainability of the restoration process.

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