Publications in Scientific Journals:

C. Etz, J. Zabloudil, P. Weinberger, E.Y. Vedmedenko:
"Magnetic properties of single atoms of Fe and Co on Ir(111) and Pt(111)";
Physical Review B, 77 (2008), 1844251 - 1844256.

English abstract:
In using the fully relativistic versions of the embedded cluster and screened Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker methods
for semi-infinite systems the magnetic properties of single adatoms of Fe and Co on Ir 111 and Pt 111 are
studied. It is found that for Pt 111 Fe and Co adatoms are strongly perpendicularly oriented, while on Ir 111
the orientation of the magnetization is only out of plane for a Co adatom; for an Fe adatom it is in plane. For
comparison, the so-called band energy parts of the anisotropy energy of a single layer of Fe and Co on these
two substrates are also shown. The obtained results are compared to recent experimental studies using, e.g., the
spin-polarized STM technique.\

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